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YMS-07D Desert Gouf by RedZaku YMS-07D Desert Gouf by RedZaku
Originally intended to be placed into mass production for use by Zeon's beloved Afrika Corps, it was abandoned by the Zeonic Company after the introduction of the Dom. However, the hold was only temporary, as after the Zeon Forces held their ground during the First Assault on Cairo the commander of the mobile battalion placed an order for a new custom MS. After under going heavy mods the YMS-07 was fitted for Desert Combat, employing new technologies which would eventually see there way on the MS-07B3 Gouf Custom, the YMS-07D would be made the personal MS of Garren Rommel, also know as Zeon's Desert Fox in honor of his lineage which extended to that of the original Desert Fox Irwin Rommel.

The Machine would serve admirably as Garren's personal MS through the rest of the war. Holding out until January 1st of 0080, when a Zeon exodus to Kilimanjaro was attacked by a group of Feddie RGM-79RGS GM S-Armors. The unit managed to retreat thanks to Rommel, and a handful of other men staying behind to hold off the enemy until the troops could completely withdraw.
Mermanwatch Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2012
Nice job. on the mobile suit.
AutoBubbs Featured By Owner May 6, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Oh MAN that kicks ass!

I am SO tempted to buy a 1/144 Gouf custom for the purpouse of painting him up like that... course I allready have 5 repainted goufs already...

*suffering from gouf envy*
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