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June 14, 2011
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ORB-02 Amaterasu by RedZaku ORB-02 Amaterasu by RedZaku
Model number: ORB-02
Code name: Amaterasu
Unit type: prototype attack use mobile suit
Manufacturer: Morgenroete, Inc.
Operator(s): Orb Union
First deployment: C.E. 76
Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso
Dimensions: overall height 18.74 meters (standard version)
Weight: 87.82 metric tons
Armor materials: unknown
Powerplant: unknown
Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; "Yata-no-Kagami" anti-beam defensive reflection system (armor coating); Voiture Lumiere equipped,"Fujin" Bladed wings
Fixed armaments: 2 x MSM5D 12.5mm CIWS, fire-linked, mounted in head; 2 x Type20B2 "Fujin" Bladed wings; mounted on backpack; 2 x Type 33X0 "Tsukuyomi" beam shield generator, mounted on forearms; 2 x Type 74K1 "Kusanagi" beam saber, stored on hips, hand-carried in use; 2 x Type10E0 "Susanoo" rail cannon, folded underneath hips, spread out in use
Optional hand armaments: Type 72D5 "Hyakurai" beam rifle, power rating unknown
Remote weapons: 2 x Type 64A1 "Raijin" guided mobile beam turret system, mounted on backpack.

The ORB-02 Amaterasu was original developed a successor for the Akatsuki Gundam, in order to make up for the loss in fighting strength created by giving the Akatsuki to the Three Ships Alliance, Morganreote under direction of Eileen Canaver began development on the unit as a means to over come some of the problems inherent with Akatsuki's design.The first step was to eliminate the need for pack conversions, which were far too costly and difficult to deploy into battle. Thus the decision was made to give Amaterasu full flight capabilities while retaining the option to use the mobile turret system. The end result was the ORB-02 Amaterasu.

Most of the technology used in the Amaterasu was actually taken from the ZGMF-X20A Strike Freedom, the flight system, a hybrid of traditional propulsion and the Voiture Lumiere propulsion system. the unit's wings, which fold to the sides when not in flight mode were also heavily reinforced and given a sharpened edge allowing them to become bladed weapons for close range combat in space. The Amaterasu also featured two Raijin guided turret units, though both were much more powerful than the original turrets, and could operate longer thanks to internal batteries, were still too power consuming, and thus were trimmed down to just two.

As a side note I'd like to give some Credit to: Bryant Molirse or for helping me with the gold recolor of these parts.
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I see alot of gundams mixed in there...nice design, anyway!
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there is ONE non-gundam part mixed in there, though, and i know where it's from
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close, but no cigar......
but you're right , it IS the wing part, but it's the binder for the PTX-014-03C Arblade Custom from the super robot wars series
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Woa woa woa. I'm not that into mecha. But that was pretty cool if you memorised the numbers. :)
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this is a very slick design! 
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